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A gift of monthly date nights

I love bragging about my creative friends and Niki Wing is at the very top of that list. Shortly after we met, I invited her to a party. Not only did she show up, but she taught us all how to make balloon animals and then led us in a balloon animal safari hunt in the backyard with a bb gun. Clearly, this girl exists on an entirely different level of fun.

She recently reached out to me to share a gift she had made for her brother’s wedding. I was completely floored by her ingenuity, creativity, and the sweet personalization of the gift. I was really happy when she said I could share it with all of you. I think this is the perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary.

Here are the details and some photos.

A year of monthly date nights – she made themed envelopes and cards for each month explaining what the date night consisted of and sewed pockets on the cards to slide tickets and gift cards inside. For example, for December’s gift, “buy some hot cocoa and drive around to look at Christmas lights”, she included  a Starbucks gift card. Another month’s theme is “go for a bike ride and have a picnic” and she included a map of a biking trail near their house. September will be their first anniversary and she told them to “recreate their first date” at the zoo and included zoo tickets.

Totally awesome, right?

Here are the supplies she used:
9 1/2″ x 4″ envelopes with tie closure decorated using scrapbook paper
Small brown cards and month name plates (could be found in the craft section at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)
Small cards to fit inside using cardstock and a color printer
A paper pocket sewn onto each card to hold some of the essentials for each date night

Here are all of the monthly date night themes:

October: “Head out to a local farm and enjoy a hayride, corn maze and pumpkin picking!”  She included a print out of a local farm that has these events during the month of October and $20 for them to purchase a pumpkin.
November: “Dust off those bikes and head out for a trail ride!”  She included a map of a local bike trail that was just completed in their area.
December: “Pick up something warm to drink and drive around looking at Christmas lights!”  She included a Starbucks gift card so they can get something warm to drink on their date.
January: “It’s cold outside, so go warm up at a theater and enjoy a movie date night!”  She included two tickets to their local movie theater and a pass for 2 drinks and a popcorn.
February: “Spread the Love.  Volunteer for a day at the Nashville Humane Association in honor of Patton!”  Patton is the dog that they adopted last summer.  She included a picture of Patton.
March: “Go have a laugh!  Check out a local improv theater.  Improv Date Night!”  She included a card that lists local improv theaters and their websites so they could find a show that works with their schedule.  She also included $25 so they can buy tickets and concessions.
April: “The weather is warming up!  Head outside and have a mini-golf date!”  She included the name of a local mini-golf course and $20 for admission and concessions.
May: “Summer is almost here!  Spend the afternoon picking berries!”  She included a card that contains the names of local berry farms and information for the annual strawberry festival near their house.
June: “Pack the car with a picnic and blankets and head to the Drive-In Theater!  Enjoy a movie under the stars!”  She included a card that has two drive-in movie locations and $20 for tickets and concessions.  She also noted that both drive-in theaters are dog friendly – just in case they wanted to take the pup!
July: “Buy some Talenti Gelato and have an Ice Cream Sculpting Contest!”  The couple loves Talenti Gelato, so she included a gift card for $10 to their grocery store.
August: “Go have a Star Party or watch a movie at the Planetarium!”  She included information for the local planetarium and $20 to pay for admission and concessions.
September: “Happy Anniversary!  One year as a married couple!  Go the the Nashville Zoo for your first date all over again!”   She checked with the zoo and confirmed the tickets wouldn’t expire until the end of the month, so she purchased two tickets and slid them into the pocket.

How amazingly sweet and creative is this gift? It has inspired me to think outside the box and invest the time into making personal gifts for a few weddings that are coming up. Hope it inspired you too!
I’d love to share a creation you’re proud of! Email me at
Till next time,

3 Responses to “A gift of monthly date nights”

  1. craftygal Says:

    Posting on Pinterest! Hoping it brings loads of traffic this way! :)

  2. Mom Says:

    You, and your friends, are amazing!

  3. Kathianne Says:

    This is just incredible. What a wonderful and loving idea.

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