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my DIY wedding: Ambiance in a can

After visiting a few potential wedding venues, Eric & I fell in love with King of Rabun immediately. What we both loved about it was the fact that it was a blank canvas in the form of Mother Nature’s landscape. King of Rabun is a lakeside estate that is somehow both elegant and rustic. With so much natural beauty, we don’t plan on doing much decorating. We’re going to let Mother Nature handle all of the ‘atmosphere’ and we’ll just crank up the mood a little bit by adding some texture. We’ve already started some fun projects that will incorporate burlap, wood, glass, and tin into the character of the scenery.

People easily forget that there are some great places to have a wedding that aren’t too far from home. Although it would be lovely to have a wedding abroad, maybe you saw somewhere on weekend breaks in England, it may not be practical. We are certainly going to prove that you can have a fabulous wedding not too far from home and at a reasonable price.

My mother actually taught me about tin can lanterns. (thanks, mom!) I have used them for pool parties, cabin trips, camping trips, and basically any other occasion when a little added twinkle would be festive. They are ridiculously easy, require little more than what you already have in your toolbox, and (the genius part) they are a fantastic way to recycle old cans!  

We will have these little lanterns on the dock, in the boathouse, and scattered around the landscape for a little bit of rustic sparkle.

rinse cans, remove label, fill with water and freeze

while frozen, to prevent the can from crushing, punch holes

allow the ice to melt

using simple votives, the finished products look like this!

3 Responses to “my DIY wedding: Ambiance in a can”

  1. Aunt Becky Says:

    Darn what a great idea! Did you paint them? They look sort of golden colored in he photo… or is that the lighting effect from the candles?
    I could put these in and around our bushes with mosquito votives in them when we have a BBQ.
    What a spiffy idea! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. Kathianne Williams Says:

    They look amazing when lit up. Such a great decorating tip. I can’t wait to see them along the dock at your wedding!!!!

  3. eClaire Creations» Blog Archive » P is for Party Says:

    [...] How cute are these tin can table markers? You can bet I’m going to add them to my collection of tin can lanterns! tin can table [...]

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