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Crafty Chicks Night – August

It’s hard to believe that Crafty Chicks Night is a year old. What started out last summer simply as a way to spend more time with my friends has turned into a monthly ‘craft club’ of sorts and something I am really proud of.

As a way to celebrate CCN’s big 1st birthday, I thought a little field trip would be fun. So on Wednesday, the Chicks spent the evening at Sips & Strokes.  Located just north of Atlanta, Sips & Strokes is a unique art studio where you are taught by an instructor and guided through the process of painting your very own original work of art.

And as the name suggests, you are encouraged to bring drinks to sip on while creating your masterpiece. Wine helps the creative process, apparently. I couldn’t agree more!

You can plan your trip to Sips and Strokes around the day of the week or around the project since each one is actually listed on the website. For our group, I chose a still life portrait of wine bottles as the project…pretty appropriate, I’d say! 

Now, I certainly didn’t doubt that this little outing would be fun. Honestly, any time spent with the Chicks is fun…however, I was a little skeptical about my painting abilities (I’ve been known to ruin a perfectly good blank canvas) and I was curious to see just how this project would turn out. Our instructor was awesome, though! She walked us through the entire process, step by step.  She was really reassuring and encouraged us to not over-think it (which we all know I’m really good at doing). With each step, our paintings came to life and you could see the trepidation in our eyes turn into excitement.  Who knew we all had such artistic abilities within?   

ready to get started!

basic outline

added background

added table top

colors and bottle labels

fun details and finishing touches

artistic sisters...who knew?!?

check out our masterpieces!

We were all really happy with our creations! And now, we each have very similar paintings, that we created together, to proudly display in our homes. To me, that’s really special.

4 Responses to “Crafty Chicks Night – August”

  1. Brittney Says:

    A few of us are featured on the Sip and Strokes website:

    What an awesome experience! Can’t wait to do it again :)

  2. Brittney Copeland Says:

    Some of us were featured on the sip and strokes website:

    What an awesome experience! Thank you, Emily :)

  3. Kathianne Says:

    I just put up my work of art yesterday in the new place. It’s not a masterpiece, for sure, but it reminds me of you and this special day of art with the girls. Celebrating friendship and art. Yay!

  4. Ashley "Nalls" Brooks Says:

    Emily, that is really cool! We have a place here in New Orleans that is really similar called “Corks and Canvas.” I have heard really great things about it and will be getting to try it out with some friends in October. Your paintings turned out great. I hope mine looks half as good. :-) Great blog!!

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