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DIY: diffusing a crib crisis

As I mentioned before, along the road to designing the nursery, we had some struggles with the crib. This was mostly because we just don’t like them…Eric especially; he says they look like little cages. And he’s right. But it’s not like we have much of an alternative, so I dedicated myself to researching every single crib on the market and each week, we sat down and reviewed my findings. Most were tossed out the window pretty quickly. However, there were a few styles that we liked:

DwellStudio Silver Lake Crib

Moderne Crib from Netto Collection

BabyLetto Mercer Crib

On each of these, we loved the little shelf or drawer that offered some extra storage, but they were all out of our price range and we quickly found ourselves running out of options. Then Eric had a pretty inspired (and adventurous) idea…why not buy an inexpensive crib and turn it into something we both love? I’ll admit that I was pretty hesitant at first. Not that I don’t trust his carpentry skills…I’m just fully aware of my own (or total lack thereof).

Then again, it’s not like I was certain that we couldn’t do it…and in the time it took me to have an internal dialogue about the idea, Eric had already started sketching designs. So, the mission was underway!

We bought a crib from Ikea for $100 and with Eric’s designs in hand; we went to the hardware store and loaded up on lumber. This is the part of the story when the spotlight is shifted entirely to my amazingly industrious and talented husband. Other than a bit of sanding on my part, this quickly turned into his project. And he NAILED it. He removed the legs of the crib and built a drawer to form a new base. The end result? The most awesome crib, ever!

Our very own custom crib!

I mean, really. How awesome is this?

I love how simple it is. The drawer offers a perfect spot to store extra sheets and blankets. The grey detail fits perfectly with the color scheme of the room. He even maintained the functionality of the original design so one side can still be removed to create a kid’s bed. He’s my handyman hero!

Now that the crib is complete I can focus on a few smaller projects that will really turn the room into a nursery. Stay tuned!

7 Responses to “DIY: diffusing a crib crisis”

  1. Kate Burke Says:

    I always knew Eric was more than just a pretty face!
    Hats off!

  2. Christi Davis Says:

    Do you have the specs for how you created the drawer? We’re doing the same crib in our nursery and I love the drawer!

  3. Emily Says:

    I might have some sketches and/or photos I can send you, actually. Shoot me a message at and I’ll send you what I can find. Thanks for reaching out!

  4. Merv Says:

    That looks amazing. My wife and I love your creativity. I too would love the specs on that.

  5. Emily Says:

    Merv, thanks so much! Shoot me a message at and I’ll send you some photos from the construction process!

  6. Sarah S Says:

    What a great idea! Do you have photos and specs on the drawer? I would love to try something similar.

  7. Cate Says:

    Brilliant! I’ve sent you an email as indicated re: photos and specs. Thanks so much for being willing to share.

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