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DIY: braided fabric headbands

One thing I’ve learned is that when you’re pregnant, you get a lot of advice. A LOT.

A little tidbit of wisdom that I wish I would have taken to heart was given to me by a friend who advised me to avoid making any drastic changes to my appearance. What she knew (and what I didn’t) was that with all the physical changes in my future it would be tempting to want to adopt a new look. She warned me that a conservative approach would be the best approach.

I didn’t listen. And it turns out; bangs weren’t the best idea in my final weeks of pregnancy. I actually liked the way they looked, but I didn’t like the maintenance involved.  And I discovered that I absolutely hate having my hair in my face. Sheesh. Lesson learned. So now, I’m in that awkward in-between-hair-styles phase while they grow out.

Lucky for me, hair accessories are really popular right now and cute ones are easy to find. I picked up a few fabric hair bands from a local boutique and quickly noticed how simple they were. So, in true form, I grabbed some fabric from the studio and decided to make some of my own. They were surprisingly easy to replicate. And now, I’m armed with enough accessories to help me bridge the gap between impromptu bangs and a more favorable look.

Here’s how I did it:

My assortment of fabric.

I cut six strips of fabric about an inch wide and about twenty inches long.

Using our table as an anchor, I pinned the ends of three strips and braided them together. (Our table has a lot of natural ridges in it, I don’t recommend poking a hole where there isn’t one! You could always use tape on a table or countertop.)

I followed the same steps with the other set of strips and kept them pinned so they didn’t come undone.

Using my machine, I sewed each end together.

I repeated this step for each piece.

Once the ends were all secured, I hand stitched the elastic to each end. Using a needle and thread was easier than using my machine since it was pretty thick to stitch together.

Here they are…

I gotta say, they turned out to be pretty darn cute. More importantly, they do the trick. Since it seems summer has already arrived in Atlanta, I’m happy to have a way to get my hair off my shoulders and out of my face!

And speaking of new arrivals, our little man made his debut on May 3rd and he’s captivated us completely. We’re just head over heels in love with him. Here’s our first family photo…and another shot of one of the headbands. I’m not kidding when I say I wear them all the time!

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