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DIY: personalized pacifier clip

So, I go back to work this week. Simply cannot believe it. Fastest three months of my life. Luckily, I get to take Sam with me. I’m fortunate to have a fabulous day care center in the building where I work. It’s a great program with really nice people and I know he’ll be in good hands. I also know I’ll probably spend more time there than in my office the first few weeks.

Over the weekend I prepared him for his first day of “school” and packed up diapers, clothing, pacifiers, etc. Everything had to be labeled, which brought me to a slight conundrum. How do you label a pacifier? We never bought cute little pacifiers with his name on them and even though there are endless options on Etsy, I knew I didn’t have time for anything to be shipped. So, I decided to just work with what I had on hand and get a little resourceful. I made personalized clips that attach the pacifier to his shirt using materials I happened to have around the house. This included random ribbon from my gift wrap supplies, a couple of  hair ties, and a Sharpie marker. I know…classy!

*Please note: I wasn’t even going to post this little project since it’s hardly my finest work, but I decided to since it shows that you really can create something out of nothing.

Here’s a quick rundown on how I made them.


I promise I won’t be one of those moms who sends my kid to school in anything that warrants getting picked on. But in this case, I was pretty desperate and it doesn’t seem like Sam minds all that much.

One Response to “DIY: personalized pacifier clip”

  1. Mom Says:

    Great idea, Babe! You just make me PROUD!

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