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my DIY wedding: party flags!

Tonight I participated in my very first sewing circle with my neighbor and friend, Kathy. She’s extremely talented and has a line of aprons that she sells in boutiques around Atlanta.

stitching with a friend

I wanted to spend some time with Kathy and I also wanted to keep the sewing momentum going. No real projects in mind, just wanted to break out the machine and work on something. So, I grabbed a bolt of fabric that Eric’s mom had given me and decided to make some party flags for the wedding and/or reception. I’m not sure if we’ll use them, but they could hang in the boathouse at the rehearsal dinner, or by the guest book area, or by the cake, anywhere, really… So, we’ll take them to the lake and see if we can find a use for them.  

In the meantime, it was fun to have a project to work on. And, I will say that having no real end result in mind surely takes the pressure off the sewing process.

I simply measured and cut 6” by 8” triangles from the fabric and roughly hemmed the edges (so they wouldn’t fray). Then I sewed them to some bias tape (that I chose to buy instead of make, thankyouverymuch…) and just like that, I had strands of party flags! 

cut triangles from reversible fabric

using a wide zigzag stitch, roughly hem edges

hemmed flags and bias tape

measuring 12" from the end, pin flags 2" apart

pin twelve flags to the bias tape leaving 12" from end

sew flags where pinned

party flags!!

They are really adorable and I don’t want to wait until October to use them…so, who wants to have a party??

5 Responses to “my DIY wedding: party flags!”

  1. Emily Schultze Says:

    Those flags are too cute, Emily!

  2. Kathianne Says:

    Super cute. Any party seems more festive with party tags!

  3. megan Says:

    So cute. I have been seeing every one making these & now I am thinking I need to make them too. They also might be an awesome addition to a little ones room.

  4. megan Says:

    ps, came via Everything Etsy! Cheers, and have a great day.

  5. Morgan @ Says:

    These are adorable! Wonderful job – I’m sure they were just beautiful at the wedding!

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