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sewing class: night 4 (lessons and obsessions)

Tonight was my last sewing class. I’m sad. I really enjoyed the entire experience. I liked getting to know the other girls. I loved spending the end of the workday in an industrious environment. I really benefited from being challenged to learn something new. And I learned a little about myself, as well.

While there are many technical aspects of sewing; measuring, cutting, seam allowance, etc…it’s really nothing to be apprehensive of. At times, my propensity for perfectionism started to get the best of me and Elle, our instructor, had to guide me…” it doesn’t need to be perfect, just cut the fabric…”  and “don’t over think it, just sew…” I had to come to terms with my OCD tendencies and then simply let them go. And you know what? Everything I made in this class turned out just fine. It all turned out really well, in fact! 

Are my stitches straight as an arrow? No. Did I perfect the art of cutting in a (true) straight line? No. Did I get to a place of appreciation for my bobbin? No. Does any of that take away from my sense of accomplishment? No! 

Did tonight’s project make me feel like a real ‘sew pro’? YES! 

We spent the entire class tonight working on our ‘final exam’. We made a piped and corded pillow complete with a zipper! You might not be able to get the full idea by a simple description… so let me just say…it was work. Focused work; therapeutic work; but work. There were many steps involved and more than a few moments when I was filled with trepidation leading up to the great reveal (which was basically turning the whole thing right-side-out) to admire my handiwork.

And you know what? It turned out amazingly well. I mean, seriously…I made this tonight!

pillow front

pillow back with zipper

I’m beyond thrilled at my creations. I’m also really glad that I decided to learn something new. I’m absolutely going to take more classes at Whipstitch – they offer a variety beyond the basic introductory course. Not to mention, I’d use any excuse to go back and load up on fabric…because I don’t think my current stash is nearly big enough.

my new obsession

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