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Hey y’all, I need to brag on somebody for a minute…

When we bought the house last spring, we immediately started the hunt for a new dining room table. We knew what we were looking for; a long farm table with benches…something rustic and unique. We had a lot of space to fill and had specific dimensions that guided our search. You’d be amazed how many “rustic farm tables” are on the market these days. We searched all of the big box retailers and while we thought they were mostly just okay, we weren’t in love with any of them and we certainly didn’t love the prices. We toyed with the idea of building one ourselves, but had plenty of other projects at the time and I knew it would take months to accomplish the goal. So, I turned to Craig’s List. I didn’t expect to find the actual table, but perhaps someone who had ideas on where to shop.

Somehow I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a post made by Clay Adams with Rustic Trades Furniture. The ad had a few photos of Clay’s previous work and I fell in love with a table he had built for himself. We called him and he invited us to his studio to take a look at some of his inventory. We took a drive to his studio the very next weekend and I immediately knew this was the guy we had been looking for.

Working out of a small studio in his home, he makes the most incredible pieces of furniture. From dining room sets, to nursery furniture, to bedroom sets, he meticulously builds every piece and his workmanship is beyond impressive. He told us the story of how he came to be such a craftsman: he and his wife had been on a search similar to ours; looking for the perfect dining room table for their new house. After finding one at a big name retailer that they thought would do the job, he took a peek underneath…and saw particle board. He asked himself, how could a table with such a big price tag not even be made from solid wood? In an instant he was determined to make one himself. And just like that a new passion was born.

Not only were we able to tell him the specific dimensions that we needed, we also got to specify the shade of stain we wanted. We also encouraged him to really beat the thing up while he was building it because we wanted it to have some character. Unbelievably, in less than two weeks we were making the drive back to his studio to pick up the finished product. I’m not embarrassed to say that upon seeing it, I totally gave him a hug. It is PERFECT. It’s exactly what we wanted and has become our favorite piece in the house. It’s the focal point in the room and we still get compliments when friends come to visit.

Here are some photos of the table. I’m so in love with it!

Often times, the convenience of ordering from a catalogue or shopping at the mall wins out over taking the time to invest in a handmade piece of furniture. But, I wouldn’t trade our experience for anything. It may have taken us several weeks to find what we were looking for, but we ended  up with a custom-made dining set and still managed to save big over mall prices.

Rustic Trades Furniture is located just north of Atlanta, but they offer shipping (at incredibly reasonable prices) from coast to coast. If you want a truly unique piece of furniture for your home, you gotta give Clay a call. Here’s his info:

Clay Adams
(678) 800-1679

It’s more than a pledge….it’s a movement. Join us. Buy handmade!

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