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sewing class: night 1 (this won’t be pretty…)

This week, I’m taking an “Intro to Sewing” class at Whipstitch Fabrics. Whipstitch is the most adorable fabric shop in the West Midtown District of Atlanta. If you haven’t already discovered this little gem, you most definitely should. I can promise you’ll be inspired to sew, quilt, craft and create.

While I have managed to make a few pillows lately, I am hardly a professional with my sewing machine, and quite honestly, I’m still pretty intimidated by most of its bells & whistles. So, I enrolled in what I’m calling a ‘bootcamp-style’ sewing class. For 2 ½ hours a night, four nights this week, I’ll indulge in all things needlework.

And, while I know it won’t do any justice to the ‘pseudo-professional image’ I may be trying to establish, I’ve decided to document my progress in the class and “proudly” show off my creations each night.

The way I see it, we’re all novices in the beginning, and the one thing that stops most people from learning something new is the fear of not being good at it. So here I am; in all of my novice glory.

In tonight’s class, we learned all about our machines, and the many sewing notions (tools involved such as bobbins, thread, stitch removers, seam guides, etc). We learned how to thread the bobbin and thread the machine. And then we made “stitch samples” which are basically a way of seeing all the different stitches each machine can make.

my stitch samples

my zigzag stitch...impressive, no?

Then it was on to our first project: a cloth napkin. We use cloth napkins at the house simply as a way to use less paper, so I was really excited to create my very own! So excited, in fact, that I bought two fabrics in corresponding colors…because I was sure I’d quickly and easily make a set of them. Oh, Emily…

Here’s my handiwork. I keep having to remind myself that I’m still learning. Quite possibly, one of the most important things I’ll learn in this class is the phrase…”it’s just a prototype.”

my dinner napkin...not too shabby (from a distance)

admire that stitchwork - steady as she goes!

Here’s hoping the three posts that follow this one show some substantial progress. In fact, until it’s time to sew again, I’m keeping my fingers crossed…because tonight’s class was definitely a humbling experience.

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