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Daily Pep Talk From A Best Friend

We all have those days…work sucks, traffic sucks, a random blemish, a broken nail, realizing your skinny jeans are now skinnier than you. 

Funny how on days like that, kind words can make all the difference… 

I do so much blog research each day that I easily lose track of my initial path and just leap from one blog to the next. I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon Daily Pep Talk From A Best Friend. I can only guess that I was supposed to discover this place of abundant positivity and lovely words of affirmation. 

It had been one of those days. 

Rachel Simpson calls herself a “professional best friend and pep talk giver” and she’s pretty darn good at both. Check out her site. It is perfection and just what “those days” call for.

your new BFF, Rachel

You can also check out her “pepcasts” 

Always remember to love yourself as much as
your best friend loves you.

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