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the dress project

Monday, June 14th, 2010

A few years ago I bought a little dress while on a girl’s getaway in Nashville, TN. It was cotton and comfy and perfect for the summer. Over the years it’s gone from being something I’ve worn out to dinner, to a bikini cover-up at the beach and pool, to something that I mainly wear while lounging around the house. It’s showing wear and tear, and frankly, just isn’t that flattering on me anymore. So this weekend, I decided to see what else I could make out of it.

I cut it in sections on each seam and immediately decided to make a pillow out of the skirt. Since it was already sewn on two sides, it took only minutes! And, it just so happens to work really well with the colors in the living room. Nice! I love finding new uses for old things!

ready to be repurposed

each section is cut at the seam

dress parts

a pop of color for our couch!

I already have ideas for the smaller pieces of the dress and will definitely post those projects soon!

before & after

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

I am a salvage artist. As long as I can remember, I’ve collected items that I found thrown away with a determination to find new uses for them. This little window pane, for example, I spotted on the side of the road in Atlanta and held onto for a few years knowing that I’d eventually have a place to display it.

A little bit of TLC, $2 worth of chain link from Lowes and, voila!  Here she is in her new home!


**I’d love to feature your before & after accomplishments! Send details and photos to

before & after

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Here’s my sisters impromptu office makeover. Way to go, Anna!

Before: messy storage space under desk = eye sore

After: chic curtain (a.k.a. shortened shower curtain) and simple tension rod hides mess!

**I’d love to feature your before & after accomplishments! Send details and photos to