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‘Crafty Chicks Night’

Crafty Chicks Night – August

Friday, August 27th, 2010

It’s hard to believe that Crafty Chicks Night is a year old. What started out last summer simply as a way to spend more time with my friends has turned into a monthly ‘craft club’ of sorts and something I am really proud of.

As a way to celebrate CCN’s big 1st birthday, I thought a little field trip would be fun. So on Wednesday, the Chicks spent the evening at Sips & Strokes.  Located just north of Atlanta, Sips & Strokes is a unique art studio where you are taught by an instructor and guided through the process of painting your very own original work of art.

And as the name suggests, you are encouraged to bring drinks to sip on while creating your masterpiece. Wine helps the creative process, apparently. I couldn’t agree more!

You can plan your trip to Sips and Strokes around the day of the week or around the project since each one is actually listed on the website. For our group, I chose a still life portrait of wine bottles as the project…pretty appropriate, I’d say! 

Now, I certainly didn’t doubt that this little outing would be fun. Honestly, any time spent with the Chicks is fun…however, I was a little skeptical about my painting abilities (I’ve been known to ruin a perfectly good blank canvas) and I was curious to see just how this project would turn out. Our instructor was awesome, though! She walked us through the entire process, step by step.  She was really reassuring and encouraged us to not over-think it (which we all know I’m really good at doing). With each step, our paintings came to life and you could see the trepidation in our eyes turn into excitement.  Who knew we all had such artistic abilities within?   

ready to get started!

basic outline

added background

added table top

colors and bottle labels

fun details and finishing touches

artistic sisters...who knew?!?

check out our masterpieces!

We were all really happy with our creations! And now, we each have very similar paintings, that we created together, to proudly display in our homes. To me, that’s really special.

Crafty Chicks Night – July

Friday, July 30th, 2010

With summer in full swing, I’m finding myself doing a lot of entertaining outdoors; dinners on the deck, grilling-out poolside with friends, etc. I have also been getting a lot of feedback (which I LOVE) and ideas for craft projects from the Chicks. A few of them mentioned wanting to decorate their decks, patios, porches, etc. So, for this month’s Crafty Chicks Night, I thought it would be fun to make something that would beautify our outdoor living spaces.

When I found images of fabric wrapped pots on the Free People blog I knew they’d be the perfect project!  AND….I was able to totally indulge at the fabric store, which was pretty amazing.  

The Chicks each brought a terra cotta pot and I provided the fabric, sponge brushes and Mod Podge. It was a fun and easy project and I was really impressed with how they turned out!

Crafty Chicks Night – June

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Due to hectic summer schedules, I pushed June’s Crafty Chicks Night to the end of the month. However, I had chosen the craft project months ago and was really excited about  it. Needless to say, I was very eager to see the Crafty Chicks and to indulge in some creativity. I think I had been having withdrawals!

This month, we made a very popular accessory: recycled t-shirt scarves. These things are everywhere it seems and you could easily pay $50 or more for one in a boutique or at a festival…not so for the Crafty Chicks…we simply made our own.
Once again, we used recycled materials:  old t-shirts from our own collections.

the theme of the night – cutting and pulling

making mounds of t-shirt snips

Kathianne & Amendi tackling a tee

Amber embellished her scarf with sequins and a fabric flower

Kristen's wavy creation

Kathy's multi-colored scarf

These scarves were a quick and easy project and a good reminder of the rewards of not playing the retail game!

Crafty Chicks Night – May

Monday, May 24th, 2010

For this month’s Crafty Chicks Night, we indulged in a very unique way of recycling. We salvaged our old, mismatched and outdated jewelry and repurposed it into new, stylish pieces. As always, we used recycled materials as the real ‘supplies’ for this project came out of our own jewelry boxes!

I was totally impressed by the ingenuity of the Chicks and was quite surprised by the awesome pieces of jewelry that were created. From restyled necklaces and bracelets to rings made from vintage beads and buttons, a few of the Chicks may have found a new calling!

jewelry collection castoffs

getting instruction from our hostess, Debbie

focused chicks

Laura combining a chain necklace with a vintage brooch

Laura's necklace!

Amanda discovering a new talent: making rings from vintage buttons

a costume bracelet gets turned into rings

our creations!

Amanda's rings!

Crafty Chicks Night – April

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

A girl simply cannot have enough accessories….and a lightweight summer tote is invaluable. Rather than pumping more money into the forces of mass consumption, the Crafty Chicks made our own…out of pillow cases!

Using only a few basic tools and with stitching help from the dynamic duo of Project K, we repurposed old pillow cases and gave them a new home – over the shoulder! 

Kathianne, making it look easy

Emily & Kim, working together


Amendi’s precarious pin cushion…her knee!

Bee, pinning away!

stitching sisters…Karen and Kathy of Project K

Kristen’s finished bag!

Laura’s finished bag!

Chicks with their bags

Crafty Chicks ‘Night’ – March

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Blame it on ‘bride brain’, but I had the hardest time coming up with an idea for Crafty Chicks Night in March. I figured what better place to find inspiration than at the American Craft Show. So, a few of the Crafty Chicks went on a little field trip!

Returning to Atlanta for the 21st year, the American Craft Show was an overload of inspiration. Showcasing more than 200 of the nation’s premier artists specializing in jewelry, furniture, as well as sculptural and functional works of glass, ceramics, metal, wood, and decorative fiber – it was a feast for all the senses. It was also a great opportunity to meet the artists and to purchase one-of-a-kind creations.

Of the incredibly clever designs that filled the Galleria, the following artists were my favorite. I was drawn to their distinctive creativity and was inspired by their ability to turn what they love into what they do.

I hope you enjoy learning about these talented artists…by supporting them; you’re investing in real art while contributing less to the forces of mass production. Join the handmade movement!  

Chandra Stubbs

Creating a unique partnership between porcelain and felt, this artist designs and develops truly one of a kind art pieces. She throws all of the porcelain rings on the wheel and makes all of felt by hand using felting needles. She also incorporates recycled sweaters into some of her work. Her pieces are incredibly unique and very reasonably priced!

Sonya Yong James

Working primarily with wool fibers and various felt techniques, Modern Fiber Lab specializes in all handmade products made from animal and plant fibers from sustainable sources. It is quite an impressive collection ranging from throws and blankets, wall sculptures, hand knit baskets, and jewelry that combines felt and fiber with metal elements. She is a local artist, based in Atlanta and has an Etsy shop that you can check out here:

Christine Terrell

We were all so charmed by the works of this artist. Based in Austin, TX and a true ‘upcycler’, she works with decorative tin cans that she finds mostly at thrift stores. Her line consists of accessories; rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and even belt buckles. Many of the pieces have a retro aesthetic and all of her work is seriously, some of the cutest stuff you’ll ever see. Check out her Etsy shop here:

Crafty Chicks Night – February

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

I was  inspired to take a charitable approach to February’s Crafty Chicks Night and show some love to the Atlanta community. We gathered last night and made Valentine’s Day cards and gift baskets for women and children who might not have a real reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  On Friday, I delivered our creations to the Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence.

I am constantly impressed by the Chicks and by the creativity and artistic talent that they possess. This month’s Crafty Chicks Night has left me feeling extremely grateful to have such generous and kind hearted women in my life. We had such a great time creating little gifts meant to inspire and encourage women we will probably never meet. The love and compassion filled the room and filled our hearts.

goodies for the gift baskets

words of encouragement

the finished baskets!

Crafty Chicks

For more information on how to help battered women in Atlanta visit:

Crafty Chicks Night – January

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Terrariums seem to be everywhere these days; on blogs, in artist markets and for sale in trendy boutiques. What better way to start the New Year than by creating and caring for your very own living ecosystem!

We used some recycled materials as well as materials collected from our own back yards. A big ‘thank you’ to Nancy for putting her expertise and green thumb to use by cultivating many of the plants!!

Crafty Chicks Night – December

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

“Holiday cookies in a jar – the perfect gift”

The inspiration:

The supplies: Mason jars, burlap, holiday inspired yarn, baking ingredients (flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, oats, m&ms, chocolate chips, brown sugar, white sugar, chopped pecans)

Crafty Chicks Night – November

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

“Old jars and wire coat hangers are transformed into decorative hanging lanterns”

The inspiration:

The supplies: old glass jars, wire cutters, candles, decorating items (beads, buttons, etc)