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Crafty Chicks Night – February

I was  inspired to take a charitable approach to February’s Crafty Chicks Night and show some love to the Atlanta community. We gathered last night and made Valentine’s Day cards and gift baskets for women and children who might not have a real reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  On Friday, I delivered our creations to the Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence.

I am constantly impressed by the Chicks and by the creativity and artistic talent that they possess. This month’s Crafty Chicks Night has left me feeling extremely grateful to have such generous and kind hearted women in my life. We had such a great time creating little gifts meant to inspire and encourage women we will probably never meet. The love and compassion filled the room and filled our hearts.

goodies for the gift baskets

words of encouragement

the finished baskets!

Crafty Chicks

For more information on how to help battered women in Atlanta visit:

One Response to “Crafty Chicks Night – February”

  1. Kathianne Williams Says:

    I am sad that I was unable to attend this CCN, although I’m glad I was able to contribute to the gift baskets and “be there” in my own special way. : ) Em, you are such a ray of sunshine. You brighten the world around you. I’m so happy to be in range of your warmth and brightness! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for CCN and how many more lives you can touch.

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