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Crafty Chicks Night – June

Due to hectic summer schedules, I pushed June’s Crafty Chicks Night to the end of the month. However, I had chosen the craft project months ago and was really excited about  it. Needless to say, I was very eager to see the Crafty Chicks and to indulge in some creativity. I think I had been having withdrawals!

This month, we made a very popular accessory: recycled t-shirt scarves. These things are everywhere it seems and you could easily pay $50 or more for one in a boutique or at a festival…not so for the Crafty Chicks…we simply made our own.
Once again, we used recycled materials:  old t-shirts from our own collections.

the theme of the night – cutting and pulling

making mounds of t-shirt snips

Kathianne & Amendi tackling a tee

Amber embellished her scarf with sequins and a fabric flower

Kristen's wavy creation

Kathy's multi-colored scarf

These scarves were a quick and easy project and a good reminder of the rewards of not playing the retail game!

4 Responses to “Crafty Chicks Night – June”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Ok, is this what you were wearing around your neck on Sunday? How do I make one — i love them!

  2. K Says:

    I really like the scarves y’all made! Can you explain how you caused the different finishes? Ex; Kristen’s stands are curly but Kathy’s are straight.
    Very colorful and creative neckwear.

  3. Gayle Says:

    I want to learn how to do this. When would I get instructions? I LOVE Kathy’s multi colored one with the band around them. If I could do this, I would take a “time-out” from the needlepoint kneeler I have been working on.

  4. SugarDotties Says:

    How do you do these? They’re awesome! I wish I had crafty friends that would get together once a month and do something like this.

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