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A field trip to the antique market!

Remember my mention of the to-do list that keeps growing? Well, one of the items at the top of that list is a dining room table. We really want to find a rustic farmhouse style table. There certainly are a lot to choose from at places like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, etc and they are all lovely, but we want to find something with a little bit of individuality. Perhaps an actual antique.

Not too long ago, I took a trip to Scott Antique Market and was blown away. It was my first trip and while I had heard stories of how cool it was, I really wasn’t expecting to be so charmed by the place. It is the world’s largest indoor antique show. It comes to Atlanta once a month and is a mecca for anything and everything you could imagine; antiques, art, pottery, silver, rugs, vintage clothing, collectibles, accessories, jewelry, etc. You could easily wander around the place all day long. I did. And I plan on going back next month. Perhaps I’ll find our dining room table there. I’ll keep you posted for sure.

Here are some random images from my recent trip:

I'm still kicking myself for not buying the orange one...

...proof that you really can find anything and everything!

I loved these refurbished tables!

more along the lines of what we're looking for...

I love these antique desks!

I really liked these free standing cabinets, too. Perfect for a kitchen island!

coolest floor lamps, ever.

 Take a look at all the neat uses for old coffeebean bags!

messenger bag

bar stools

ottoman - how cute?

Market dates are the second weekend of every month. I’m going in June to continue the hunt for our dining room table. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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