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Forming resolutions. Finding inspiration.

Happy New Year, everybody!

As a kid, I tried to imagine what the future would be like. I always assumed that by the year 2011 there would be flying cars in every driveway and robots in every home. I’m sure there are plenty of engineers and researchers working to develop both…all in good time, I guess.

Personally, I’m working on developing some inspiration for myself. With the wedding three full months behind us and with the busy holiday season also a happy memory, I’m looking ahead and I’m eager to see what 2011 will mean for me.

I want it to be a year of discovery. I want it to be a year of growth. I want to learn anything and everything that I can. But, I’ve been having a hard time finding some direction. As a student, I am very curious to see if I can master something; if I can learn a skill. But often, once I’ve mastered the skill, I find myself looking for another challenge…which means I guess I haven’t yet found ‘my thing’; the one craft that challenges me to really dive in and explore.

So, in the New Year, I’m determined to find my niche. And I’m getting started right away. I received a membership to a local pottery studio for my birthday from my amazingly thoughtful and supportive husband.

Located in Decatur, MudFire Studios is a pretty unique concept. Rather than signing up for a series of classes, your membership is an all-access pass to all of the tools, equipment, glazes, firings, and lessons!

I’m heading there later this week for my first lesson and I am really excited about it! I will document the discovery process, like I did with the sewing classes I took over the summer. So, stay tuned!

If you’re local to Atlanta and want to explore pottery, check out MudFire Studios. Maybe I’ll see you there!

MudFire Studios
175 Laredo Drive
Decatur, GA 30030
phone: 404-377-8033
fax: 404-371-1554

One Response to “Forming resolutions. Finding inspiration.”

  1. Kathianne Says:

    Keep creating and love the process- not just the finished product. Even if pottery turns out not to be your thing, it will lead you to your path in some way. I SERIOUSLY MISS doing crafts with you.

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