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local artist spotlight: Karen Graham

I am fortunate to have very creative and artistic friends. They are incredibly talented and I want the world (ok, we’ll start with the city) to see their creations, so I’m starting a ’local artist spotlight’ feature on this little blog of mine. I hope you enjoy learning about these talented women…by supporting them; you’re investing in real art, handcrafted pieces made with love,  while contributing less to the forces of mass production. Join the handmade movement! 

For my very first local artist spotlight, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Project K. Project K is comprised of a dynamic duo of sisters, Kathy Carlisle and Karen Graham. Both are extremely talented and really know how to work a sewing machine. As sisters and friends, they collaborate and draw inspiration from each other. However, since their talents are so varied, I feel they each deserve an individual spotlight.

Ladies and Gents, it’s my pleasure to introduce Karen Graham.  

Project K
Karen Graham
Specialty: embroidery, hand-stitching 

I have always been fond of using items for different purposes than which they were originally designed.  I would rip up a sweater to make a purse or merge two items of clothing into one unique piece.  The greatest appeal to me about making new things is that no one else will have anything exactly like it. 

Making pillows, I discovered, was a quick way for me to make an item to display my latest embroidery design.  Nearly every scrap of material that I use in making pillows had a previous use; I hardly ever go to a store just to buy new fabrics. 

I’m originally from Mississippi, so I named Project K’s embroidery niche, Missi.stitch.i as a tribute to my home state. Currently, you can find my creations at two boutiques in Atlanta; Green Pomegranate in the Virginia-Highlands and Star Provisions in West Midtown. I am currently showcasing my Valentine’s Day line and will have more pillows for upcoming holidays, including Easter and the spring season.

All of my pillows can be made to suit my clients’ individual tastes. I love making custom orders and will happily create gifts for birthdays, baby showers, housewarmings, weddings, holidays, etc.  If you’re interested in placing an order or just have questions in general, feel free to email me at

One Response to “local artist spotlight: Karen Graham”

  1. Kathianne Williams Says:

    These pillows are so incredible. I plan to contact Karen and have her make one or two to match my living room.

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