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local artist spotlight: Krissy Sternberg

I obviously love bragging about my super talented friends…and with the creation of her new website (!!!)  okay, and because she named one of her designs after me (in UGA colors, no less) I thought I’d introduce everyone to my dear, sweet friend Krissy Sternberg….

Krissy & I have been friends for many years and she’s always been one of the most creative and industrious women in my life.  I’m thrilled to be able to promote her new venture, Sweet Sienna Designs. I hope you’ll check out her Etsy shop (as well as her new website!!)  and spread the word about her adorable handmade headbands!

Sweet Sienna Designs
Krissy Sternberg
Specialty: custom headbands, handmade appliqués

Hello e.Claire creations readers!  My name is Krissy Sternberg and I’m a new mom to a darling baby girl, Sienna.  I lived in Atlanta for eight years, until my Prince Charming (Charlie) whisked me away to Orlando, Florida.  I started making cute headband creations when it became pretty obvious that my baby would be “bald and beautiful” for quite some time.  Other mommies started asking where I’d found her headbands which sparked a business idea…and here I am today!  Sweet Sienna Designs are all handmade and each one is unique.  I enjoy the challenge of making a custom headband for different outfits – or even school colors (Go Gators!).  I like working with fleece and felt and adore vintage and funky buttons.  My Etsy site is up and running and I am scheduled to attend a couple of art shows this spring.  Fun! 
My etsy site:
My website:
I can be contacted at:

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