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my DIY wedding: homemade invitations

My favorite wedding projects (so far) have been the Mason Jar centerpieces (because I had so much fun working on them with my girlfriends), the dress (I bought it from a friend for $100 and Eric’s mom is altering it to fit me…kind of like a custom made dress…ooh la la!!), and the music (we have some surprises in store for our guests. I can’t wait for the big reveal!)

All of our DIY efforts are really having an affect on the bottom line and the more we save, the more we decide to do ourselves.

Which brings me to our most recent endeavor…the wedding invitations. We chose to send out our save-the-dates electronically, both to save money and to save trees. We knew we wanted actual printed invitations, but felt the need to be as eco-friendly as possible since we’d be printing so many. After pricing some recycled paper options online and seeing how expensive they were going to be, we decided to try to make them ourselves.

We took a little trip to our local art supply store and totally scored! We found amazing paper from Khadi ( made entirely out of cotton rags and envelopes made out of recycled butcher paper.

Eric put his design skills to use and created the most beautiful invitations. They are simple, classic and fit perfectly with our rustic theme. I absolutely adore them.  And, we were even able to print them on our simple printer at home!

Now, I’m no expert on all the bells and whistles of Photoshop like he is, but I think creating invitations in MS Word could totally be doable. With the amount of money you can save, it’s certainly worth trying!!

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