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my DIY wedding: tree trunk pedestals

Rustic wedding themes are quite the trend these days and I’ve been gathering my share of inspiration online.  With every concept we are able to design and construct ourselves, I see a few dollars going back into our budget…which inspires me to take on even more DIY projects. This project was all Eric, though…and he did an incredible job.

I have seen countless delightful versions of rustic wedding cake displays and in many of them; my favorite detail has been a wooden cake pedestal.  They differ is shape and size. Some are simple and look to be actual tree trunks. Others are totally chic and look like they could have been ordered from a Restoration Hardware catalog.  

It’s no real surprise that I was determined to make our own. Lucky for me, Eric doesn’t shy away from a challenge. And lucky for us, his parents offered to let us use fallen trees from their spacious 12 acre landscape.

Now, I can’t say that this was an easy endeavor…it involved a chainsaw, after all! Nor can I take any real credit for it. Eric and his dad did all the work…although, I did document the entire process and can now proudly show off how crafty my soon-to-be husband and soon-to-be father-in-law are!

hunting and gathering

I won't lie, this made me extremely nervous.

pedestal tops

pedestal trunks

some sand paper, a good coat of Gorilla glue and, voila!

of course, I HAD to buy a cake to display the final product...hello dessert!

While we were at it, we made three extras that will be used to hold our large beverage dispensers (which will contain my cousin’s amazing rum punch – yum!)

2 Responses to “my DIY wedding: tree trunk pedestals”

  1. Hokemon Says:

    Way cool!!! I love them.

  2. Statue Items Blog Says:

    Tree Trunk Pedestal…

    [...] ntire process and can now proudly show off how crafty my soon-to-be husband and [...]…

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