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My interview with The Wedding Channel!

I have found that planning a wedding at the same time as a friend is really fun…and quite helpful. I am thrilled to share the wedding planning experience with my good friend, Michelle. 

She will get married just a month after I do and I can’t wait to watch her walk down the aisle!  She will be a stunningly beautiful bride.  I also can’t wait to attend her wedding because it is going to be absolutely fabulous. It will be a black tie affair at a beachside hotel in South Florida. Although we are planning completely different styles of weddings, I know they will both be breathtaking and I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Throughout the planning process, we have enjoyed bouncing ideas off each other and sending over photos of inspiration (bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers, cakes, etc) that we think the other might like. It’s been really special to share this process with a sweet friend.

Michelle recently approached me about contributing to a story for the Wedding Channel. She had heard they were doing a feature on DIY weddings and she thought of me. The storyline was certainly right up my alley, so I eagerly accepted!

Initially, when I spoke with the producer, I told her about all the ways we’re saving money on the wedding; from choosing the venue, designing and printing our invitations, and making much of the décor.  When I mentioned that I had a friend planning a wedding also, and how fun it had been sharing the process, she had an idea for a new storyline; two friends planning two completely different weddings. Within a week, the camera crew was scheduled for the shoot.

quite the set-up!

focusing in...

getting mic'd

reviewing my notes

smile big for the camera!

it's a wrap!

The story will be broadcasted all across the country, so if you happen to see it, let me know!!

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